• Event data at scale: Massive volumes of high cardinality, high dimensionality events are a big challenge. Scalyr lets you ingest and search as much data as you need in real time, store it as long as you like, and tap it through APIs.
  • COGS and Gross Margins: A high percentage of your COGS goes to running Elasticsearch or your current solution, reducing gross margins. Scalyr lowers infrastructure, operational and total cost of ownership, typically by 2-10x.
  • Interactive user experience: Your users are frustrated with the speed of their query results, and you struggle with real time analytics. Scalyr provides results at the speed of thought, typically 10-60x faster than what you have now. The backend will no longer be a bottleneck to your frontend.

Anthony Johnson, Scalyr’s Field CTO, discusses observability.

Use Cases


Affordable and Predictable:

Scalyr’s cost is lower than ‘free’ open source offerings and will beat the cost of your current solution. Let us prove it to you. This is because you get the advantages of our unique architecture. Pay for use, no penalties, and control your spending with tools tailored to help you stay within your budget.

Technical Attributes

Flexible Data Structures

Structured, unstructured, semi structured event and log data, ingested through an agnostic pipe that can take data from Kafka, Logstash, Scalyr’s agent or any other way you want to send it.

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