How These 4 Tech Companies Are Tackling Unconscious Bias

In the tech world, there's often an unconscious bias in the workplace. Women are still underpaid compared to male coworkers, and worry about becoming "mommy-tracked" after pregnancy. Plus, there's still a lack of minority representation in tech that has yet to be overcome.

The way past this unconscious bias in hiring and the workplace begins with individual companies becoming aware and taking action. That's exactly why the following four companies are implementing policies for reducing bias in their corporate practices.

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Cloud 100 Rising Stars: Meet 20 Of The Cloud’s Breakout Up-And-Comers For 2018

The Forbes Cloud 100 represents a who's who of the biggest and best private companies in the cloud, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Right behind this year's winners is a new crop of underdogs, breakout up-and-comers in cloud computing who are looking to follow in their footsteps—or even come for their laurels. These are the Cloud 100 Rising Stars, 20 of the fastest-growing cloud companies that are still too small or too young for the main list, but not for long.

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Well done to all our 2018 SaaS Winners!

The votes are in, and the waiting is finally over… now it’s time to congratulate the winners of the 2018 SaaS Awards:

Best SaaS Product for Web/App Development – Scalyr

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The DevOps guide to evaluating modern log management tools

Enterprise IT, information security, and engineering teams share many priorities, workflows, and even technology. But each is very different from the rest in the context of operational visibility. Engineers, especially those on the front line of a rapid, continuous software delivery process, require a strong focus on performance and alignment with their teams’ work styles.

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Q&A Scalyr’s Steve Newman: Faster Log Queries, Scalable App Monitoring

You may not know Steve Newman‘s name, but chances are you’ve come into contact with his work. He was one of the brains behind Google Docs, the base technology of which Google obtained in its purchase of Newman’s Writely. After settling the technology into Google, he left Google to co-found Scalyr to tackle a new challenge: bring Google-like scalability to log management. Scalyr’s distributed column-based NoSQL database has brought faster operational visibility NBC Universal, CareerBuilder, OKCupid and Scripps.

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Fight Alert Fatigue: How to Wake Up Your Alerts Strategy

Engineering teams today face a growing imperative to keep systems running smoothly. That’s because the boundary between businesses and the digital customer experience is shrinking — and when the application is the business, anything short of a perfect user experience means a hit to the top line.

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IT trends for the remainder of 2018

This year began with a Meltdown, continued with evolving  H-1B requirements and carried on with GDPR's deadline, but technology doesn't wait for digital laggards to keep up.

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Organisations continue to move from monolithic to microservices – but observability a struggle

We've all heard the exhortations from vendors and industry players alike - get into DevOps, containers and serverless for IT and application delivery before it's too late. But while the benefits are evident, companies are getting bogged down in troubleshooting and debugging software issues.

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Shift to microservices and continuous software delivery puts pressure on DevOps observability

A Scalyr report, based on a survey of 155 software development practitioners, finds that organizations are shifting away from traditional, monolithic architectures, with three-quarters of survey respondents delivering at least some of their applications and more than one-third delivering most of their applications as microservices.

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Founder Interviews: Steve Newman of Scalyr

Please welcome Steve Newman, the man who created Google Docs, and the current founder of Scalyr.

Davis Baer: What’s your background, and what are you working on?

Steve Newman: I’m an engineer and, I guess I’m supposed to say “serial entrepreneur” but I’m more comfortable with “startup guy.”

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