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Centralized log management is nothing new. Traditionally driven by enterprise IT and information security teams to identify security, network, and internal application issues, log aggregation has largely been focused on perimeter or data center equipment and corporate applications that serve internal users. As such, log management tools were created to serve those use cases and audiences. The world has changed, though. Today, businesses with customer-facing, revenue-generating applications also need operational visibility and achieve it through logs. Those use cases are completely different, however, and require centralized log management that’s fast, simple, and shareable.

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Centralized log management is an approach for collecting, aggregating, and presenting computer-generated messages that record software and hardware activities. The log management process involves the collection, parsing, and presentation of logs to users for search, visualization, and alerting. Centralized log management has been around for a long time, but yesterday’s use cases are far different from those of today.

You and your team are on the front line of software delivery, building and deploying customer-facing applications that generate revenue. You are in the cloud, delivering at least some of your applications as microservices, using container technology or serverless platforms – both consuming and creating tons of data. Because your application generates revenue, downtime and poor performance are not options, so observability is critical. For this, you likely use a combination of metrics, alerting, logging, and other tools to achieve the operational visibility you need. Each of these tools has value, but centralized log management is a must-have because it’s the only one you can rely on as the absolute source of truth for the root cause of your application performance issues. At the same time, it’s probably your most frustrating visibility tool.

Use Cases

Monitor application performance

  • Alert on application performance levels
  • Understand latencies for certain users
  • Proactively investigate small performance issues

Understand user activities

  • Replicate customer service issues
  • Proactively address performance issues
  • Identify user abuse or fraud

Identify code flaws

  • Alert on software errors
  • See API interactions and abuse
  • Drill down to root cause

If you’re using tools built for yesterday’s use cases to monitor and troubleshoot your application performance issues, they won’t be able to keep up with your software delivery schedule. According to a recent survey, teams that deliver mostly microservices or push code at least once per day spend most of their time troubleshooting. They also spend most of their investigation time waiting for log management queries to complete.

Unlike requirements for software and applications that serve internal users, your customer-facing software has considerably higher performance and uptime requirements. To keep up, you need to troubleshoot and debug performance issues so you can remediate them as quickly as possible. And because you are dealing with far more complexity and log data than ever before, you need to be able to search for the problem’s source in record time, even across very large data sets. Your engineering team’s work style is also far different than that of IT teams in the past. Although those teams had a handful of users performing queries on behalf of the rest of the group, your engineering team is decentralized, with individuals and small groups working independently. They are responsible for building, packaging, testing, and deploying software services, monitoring those services in production, troubleshooting issues, and fixing the problems they find.

Unlike centralized log management tools built for yesterday’s use cases, the Scalyr Platform is architected for engineers who need to go fast, at scale. Our purpose-built, streamlined database and the full power of our massively-parallel cloud compute cluster make us the best choice for your team’s requirements. Our architecture gives your engineering team rapid alerting, split-second data visualizations and blazing fast queries, even across very large data sets. Scalyr customers report being able to search their data orders-of-magnitude faster than they could in their traditional tools. Your team can find in under one second in Scalyr what takes them 15-30 minutes in traditional log management tools. This performance improvement is not merely a little better; it’s behavior-changing better. When your team can proactively explore brewing issues without penalty, it means the team will be able to find and fix small problems before they grow and show dramatic efficiency improvement.

Moreover, the Scalyr Platform is fully cloud-based, which is ideal for engineering leaders who must deploy talent to core projects that contribute to revenue generation. The days of dedicating engineering resources to maintaining on-premises log management stacks are long over. Those professionals are expensive, hard to come by, and desire meaningful work. If your company is delivering inventive, customer-facing software, you want your engineers focused on that goal.

Finally, we support the decentralized way your engineering team works. Companies that have adopted modern architectural approaches often benefit from a parallel or concurrent work style among their engineering teams in which individuals or small groups are responsible for the complete lifecycle of discrete services. Whereas traditional log management tools don’t support this work style, it lies at the core of our technology and business model. We don’t charge by the user so your whole team can adopt and use Scalyr without paying extra. And unlike other tools that can’t support many concurrent users, your entire team can query in Scalyr simultaneously without performance degradation and without our throttling your team’s usage.

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“One of the things I really value in Scalyr is the responsiveness. I can give it a really terrible-looking query with a bunch of regular expressions, and somehow it still comes back in under a second.”

Elena Tatarchenko, Senior Engineering Manager, Oracle

“We push many hundreds of gigabytes of logs to Scalyr, and I need to search back a few days sometimes, a month even. The fact that I can still do that is just great.”

Jeff Watts, Senior Engineering Manager, Periscope Data

“Asking how Scalyr helps is like asking how breathing helps with your life.”

Tim Kröger, Head of Engineering, Zalando

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