Splunk is a popular log management tool, helping IT and security teams understand the status of their systems and track security incidents for nearly two decades. Although Splunk is effective for IT use cases, if you are on the engineering front line, you might find it lacking. If you are responsible for building revenue-generating applications that need to be up and running and at peak performance continuously, you need a different kind of operational visibility stack. You need your tools to keep pace with the way you and your team work. Unlike log management tools made for IT, we built Scalyr expressly for engineers. The Scalyr Platform is the fastest around, is drop-dead simple to use, and can be adopted by the whole team without costing you extra or hindering your performance.

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Founded in 2003 and with much of its business still on premises, Splunk primarily serves IT and information security audiences. Though traditional log management tools like Splunk address IT use cases like measuring the performance of corporate systems and analyzing security events, these tools are not well-suited for engineers who are on the front line of software delivery. If you are responsible for building customer-facing applications that generate revenue, it’s likely that you are taking advantage of modern tools and processes such as cloud infrastructure and tools, delivering microservices, using containers or serverless platforms, organizing your team around parallel or concurrent programming, and pushing code into production frequently. As someone who builds software in a modern way and is moving at a fast clip, you need observability tools that can keep pace with your delivery schedule and align to your team’s work style. Your log management solution must be fast, simple, and shareable.

Use Cases

Troubleshoot quickly

  • Run complex queries in less than a second
  • Rapidly filter and pivot your query results
  • Instantly visualize graphs and distributions

Query simply

  • Search free text and wildcards
  • Point-and-click your way to the answer
  • Enable your users to self-serve

Share with the whole team

  • Share without extra cost
  • More users won’t slow you down
  • We scale as you scale

As you deal with an increasing amount of log data, and you are under more time pressure to turn software issues around quickly, you may find that Splunk does not meet your performance requirements. Our customers for whom Scalyr is a Splunk alternative report that Scalyr gives them far higher performance, especially when it comes to query response times. Even for long, complex queries, the time it takes to render a response in Scalyr is usually less than one second, versus minutes in Splunk. In a more traditional IT setting, a 15-minute query response time may be acceptable, but if you’re an engineer who is pushing code multiple times per day and you have software issues that you need to track down and fix in minutes, you might need to run several queries in a row to determine the source of the problem. You simply can’t afford to do this in a traditional tool if you know that each query will take you minutes.

Why Scalyr


Go fast. Blazing-fast. Ingest logs and alert on them in real time. Perform split-second searches and visualizations, across your entire environment.

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Skip the learning curve. Point and click to search, pivot or visualize your data.  No query language expertise required.

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Using our time-series database and massive compute capacity, Scalyr will easily scale with your systems.  You also won’t break the bank as you grow with us.

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“I used Splunk for years before switching to Scalyr. The performance difference alone has been a game-changer, not to mention the simplicity and elegance of the configuration syntax. So glad we found Scalyr.”

A customer who chose Scalyr as a Splunk alternative

Second, because concurrent or parallel development encourages decentralization, your engineers are now responsible for a greater portion of the development lifecycle of the service they’re building. This means you need more of your team to adopt and self-serve within your observability tools, so they must be simple and straightforward to use. Splunk has a powerful but complex query language that most users don’t know and find difficult to learn. There are entire business practices focused on training and certifying engineers to become Splunk administrators. They are experts in the query language and serve as gatekeepers in their respective organizations, maintaining Splunk, building dashboards, and performing queries on behalf of others in their organization. This may work for an IT department that has organized around this work style for years, but engineering organizations that are responsible for revenue-generating applications and that need to move quickly in the cloud typically cannot afford to deploy their talented workforce in this manner. And given their parallel development work style, the far better choice is to encourage adoption of their log management solution across the whole team and to have users self-serve.

Finally, related to team adoption, you need to be able to share access to your log management solution with your team without paying a performance penalty. Our customers for whom Scalyr is a Splunk alternative describe having had performance degrade or their usage throttled as they increase the amount of data they are logging or have more users accessing and querying the system. The well-worn Splunk admin gatekeeper doesn’t work in this scenario because this method doesn’t align with today’s concurrent engineering practices.

Unlike Splunk, Scalyr scales as you scale. Our data ingestion and queries are blazing fast, even across very large data sets. Our unique architecture, which combines a purpose-built, streamlined, no-keyword index database and massively-parallel cloud cluster, removes the bottlenecks in your troubleshooting process. Our simple and straightforward query language, which you can actually invoke by pointing and clicking directly in the log lines on the screen, makes Scalyr easy to use for anyone. And finally, because we don’t slow down or throttle your usage as you add collaborators, your whole team can adopt Scalyr.

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